X Lights sequences that make your show amazing.  We provide complete sequences  using Smart Pixels that can be imported into your layout.   Some of our sequences you can order the lyrics as well.  Each selection has a link to the exact music that was used to produce the sequence.  You are buying  the time to create  the  digital information to make a sequence, to be used with xLights software.  WE DO NOT SELL MUSIC.  The information will be delivered in a ZIP file.  Go to the How to use files section to learn how to import the files into your layout.

 We have added a new choice of layouts.   Now you have a choice of our XL layout, DIY layout , or the DIY Advanced layout.

The XL layout features all coro props available form established vendors.  See how to use files page for details.

The DIY layout is our standard layout with many props that are custom made or use the standard models form x-Lights.

The DIY Advanced layout is combination of custom made and standard x-Light models with more and different props on a two story  house.

All layouts make use of custom made sub models.  To get the best results study these and add  sub models to match, if possible.

Amazon music links may lead to an album, you must then choose the song an purchase the MP3 track.