The link to download your sequence will be on the sales confirmation slip and in the  confirmation email sent to the account that you used in  Pay Pal  to make the purchase.  ALL SALES ARE FINAL NO REFUNDS

Files will be delivered in a compressed Zip format.  You will have 72 Hrs. to download your new sequences.  Each purchased sequence can be downloaded only once.   If it fails just email us and we can help you.

If  you are using the latest version of Xlights  you can import your zip files directly.  You will only need the music file.  Open a new sequence add the music then go to import click on the proper zip file and the program will set up the normal import page.  Once you have mapped the sequence, and checked that it is what you want, save your work and the program will make all the proper file paths changes.

The following is a brief set of instructions on how to manually use the files you will receive.


Uncomppress the folder to a location you will be able to find later.

You will see the xLights , (sequence name).xml or .sxq;  images file folder and a lost file folder which contains any GIFs, or images that were used in the sequence. (Audio will not be included, and must be obtained from proper site.)

Set your show folder to the uncompressed folder you downloaded.

This will give you the original layout used to make the sequence.

Open the sequence, add the proper music, render and save.

Play to check it is running properly.

Change setup back to your show folder.

Create a new audio sequence, pointing it to the audio you obtained from the proper site.

At the top, use the import menu to import the downloaded sequence and timing tracks.

There are a few videos on this in the site under videos, importing sequences. (

Thank you and enjoy your new sequences.


Vender Table

                                                                                                                           XL Layout

Boscoyo Studio  :  Fans Arch Combo, small snow flakes (16″), LLS-35 roof snow flakes, small stars, Chroma Stars (23), Singing Santa hat, Singing bulb, Animated bells, Singing Ornaments (3),  Large spinners (23″), Three ring Arch,Tree Topper Wreath (Stars) and Candy Canes (Chroma Cane Mini).

EFL-Designs:  Small fans, Border trees, PopSars with Matrix stand, Spiral X NSR trees,  Snow flakes (36″) on house, Show Stopper on rt roof, Snowman and Large Star on poles.

Gilbert Engineering  USA:  Extreme Star Burst

Elfin Works:  Singing Tree


                                                                                                                            DIY Layout

Gilbert Engineering USA:  GE Wreath on Rt side roof

All other coro props are same as XL layout.  This layout also uses a wire frame North Star and Snow man.

                                                                                                                            DIY Advanced Layout

All coro props are the same as DIY layout with the exception of the PPD GEO Wreath (Boscoyo) in the window and no GE Wreath.  The roof Spinners are just larger versions.

                                                                                                                              DIY Props

If you want information on the Do it Yourself props use the contact form to ask an I will provide information on how I build the props.