Custom Mapping with purchase of any of our  sequences  $55.00, in addition to sequence.  You must purchase with the sequence.( No mapping will be done after Dec.1)   Your layout should be done in the latest version of X lights.  This will make the mapping go much smoother.

Support can include setup, layout help, file mapping to your layout and technical setup of equipment. Minor X-lights sequence help and setup.

All private help will be done through a Zoom Room. We need an email with a brief description of the help needed. Sent from the Contact Us page. We will then get back to you with instructions for setting up a meeting .


  $59.99 for up to 1 hour, by appointment. Prepaid Non refundable, non transferable. This is for a single visit with private help. Additional time will require a new 1 hour fee.

$130.00 for 3 hours total for a year, prepaid non refundable, non transferable.